Handling Bruteforce Attacks and Port Scanning on Mikrotik Routers


  • Deden Hardan Gutama Universitas Alma Ata
  • Rahmad Arif Setiawan Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta
  • Adhien Kenya Anima Estetikha Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta


Brute Force, Port Scanning, Mikrotik, IPS


In maintaining the integrity and validity of data, security on an agency's network is one of the urgencies that must be considered. In order to guarantee services that are always available to users. The systems used to detect intruders on a network in the 4.0 era are generally able to detect various types but have not been able to take preventive action, but from a user perspective, users really need information technology and this is one of the causes of security cases in Indonesia. a network is increasing every year where this happens because of the low concern of the organization on the security of a network. Therefore we need a system that is able to make it easier for network administrators to monitor network traffic with an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).



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Deden Hardan Gutama, Rahmad Arif Setiawan, & Adhien Kenya Anima Estetikha. (2022). Handling Bruteforce Attacks and Port Scanning on Mikrotik Routers. Jurnal Sistem Informasi Dan Teknologi Informasi, 1(2), 1–13. Retrieved from https://journal-siti.org/index.php/siti/article/view/196